CardValley - Always fresh cards


Please verify that you are on the same onion url as shown in the
header image or your Bitcoins get diverted to Hackers.

Welcome to CardValley

We offer daily fresh CC-Dumps + PIN witch are guaranteed to work worldwide
Our cards are high balance cards witch are skimmed from wealth places.

What you get

You get a full working CC-Dump with PIN. First timers also get a safety guide to cash out the CCs
The cards are usually Code 101 dumps with a high limit. The dumps can be used at any
ATM or POS-Terminal worldwide.


In case you ordererd one or more dumps, you'll get the track data and the PIN by e-mail.
Physical Cards will be shipped worldwide by mail

Encoding and embossing

We use the latest technology. If you want us to make your cards, no problem at all. For an additional 20$ per dump, we take care of the card manufacturing. Our cards are very authentic looking. No one will know it's a skimmed Card Just tell us witch name to emboss in the card and the address to ship.
We use a method with ensures secure and stealth shipping. For your safety, we can't disclosure here how we do that
PGP is also available to encrypt your information...


We often get the question why we sell CC-Dumps/Plastic WITH PIN although we could cash out the CCs ourselves.
Well, the answer is quite easy. We are specialized in Skimming and get the card data. Cashout is not our business.
It's actually much more convenient for us to just sell the Dumps/Plastic on darknet.

no jokes, no games, just business - 2016